I got one of those sleeping masks you put over your eyes to keep the light out of your eyes and i was like “haha I wonder what this looks like on” so i took it to the mirror and put it on and then I realized the flaw in my plan


oh god. halloween is coming. you know what that means? halloween stuff everywhere. skeleton themed stuff everywhere. "is that tyler joseph?" jokes EVERYWHERE.


what if your url somehow had something to do with your future

my friend always called me the ‘ray toro stalker’ because i had a larger love for him than the rest of the band and it’s five years later and i still have a major love for him


what doesn’t kill you leaves you lying awake at 2am wishing it had

pro tip:

don’t ever stretch your ear lobes
they WILL look like buttholes


okay if we’re mutuals u can

  • ask for my phone number (if we can free text/message)
  • snapchat
  • instagram
  • facebook
  • skype
  • kik

this has been a psa thank u

brendon bossing the ice bucket challenge on stage 

help raise awareness for ALS, and donate here


A guy once told my lesbian friend that being a lesbian is a huge turn off for guys and that she’ll never find a boyfriend.

i'm tiffani and bands make me cry

fey/fer pronouns please!!

plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers