No, seriously. Kik me at slightlyryanross if you wanna rp ryden with me.

jomwalker replied to your post: there’s a stranger that looks like jon…


i wanna touch him

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singing in the shower more like


Anonymous asked: poke him and politely tell him to get off your couch? if not then stroke him until he gets creeped out

i walked downstairs again to get a drink and i made a point to be loud about it. he ended up sitting up, looking at me for a moment, before laying back down and going back to sleep.

Anonymous asked: i liked ryan ross about a year ago but i kind of stopped and then i saw your blog and i just love ryan ross a lot like his stupid hair and face and hands and the fact he can play his dumb guitars and act all cool i really hate ryan ross holy shit i hope he just gets eaten by crocodiles but the crocodiles spit him out because i love him so much

i feel you on so many levels. when i created this blog it was never intended to be a ryan blog but shit have you seen him? i wanna hate him but i just cant oh my god 

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there’s a stranger that looks like jon walker with short hair sleeping on my couch and idk what to do???


i am an embarrassing ryden shipper i wont pretend otherwise it’s who I really am inside

Anonymous asked: u have made me obsessed with ryan ross i h a t eyou (only joking your blog is amazing)

yes yes yes we can cry over him together 

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